The IRS has notified tax preparers around the country to let their clients know that they will be sending two letters out in January 2022.


The IRS will be sending out the following two letters in January to taxpayers throughout the country:

  • Letter 6419 - Advance Child Tax Payments
  • Letter 6475 - Economic Impact (Stimulus) Payment

The Adavnce Child Tax Payments letter will detail the payments that the IRS sent to you from July to December of 2021 for the Advance Child Tax Credit. If the number you report on your return does not match the IRS records, the processing of your return (and therefore your refund if you are expecting one) will be delayed.

The Economic Impact (Stimulus) Payment letter will contain not only the stimulus payment you received, but and "plus-up" payments that the IRS may have sent to you. Again, if the number reported on your return does not match IRS records there could be a delay in the processing of your return.

As always, you should notify your tax preparer if you receive any correspondence from the IRS or any other taxing authority. Please bring these letters with you when you come to have your taxes prepared.